About FCCV

Fayette County Community Voices began in 2015, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done so far to help Fayette County flourish.

Our History

  • Our story begins when a small group of women, determined to make a difference in the future of Fayette County came together in July 2015.
  • Following the 2015 Purdue University conference for Fayette County Leadership, Cindy Hartman, former Educator with the Purdue Cooperative Extension Office, and Linda S. Fitzgerald, a local resident and a development consultant, formed Fayette County Women’s Voices.
  • In January 2016, the new organization hosted a women’s conference. The conference, led by Michael Wilcox of the Purdue University Center for Regional Development, was a success. The 80 women attendees learned about the community capitals approach to the community development process. These community capitals form our focus areas: Education & Literacy, Community Health & Natural Environment, Leadership for the Development of Public Spaces, and Social & Cultural Life.
  • Fayette County Women’s Voices officially became Fayette County Community Voices, Inc., an incorporated entity in the State of Indiana, in May 2017.

Our Board

Brayton Johns, President
Stephanie Ruf, Vice President
Dana Sinclair, Secretary
Clayton Judd, Treasurer

David Caldwell
Jason Spears
Becky Hockersmith
Pamela Herrmann
Becky Marvel
Melissa Scott
Shari Phegley

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