Add Your Voice to FCCV

Fayette County Community Voices welcomes both volunteers and new members.

To volunteer for an upcoming project, just visit our Upcoming Events page and RSVP to your selected event.

To join our group as a full member, please review the expectations below and complete the form on this page.

Becoming a member

As a member, you’ll be expected to:

  • Attend at least 9 of 12 monthly Fayette County Community Voices (FCCV) member meetings in a year.
  • Actively support and assist the progress of at least one ongoing FCCV project.
  • Assist the fundraising efforts of FCCV.
  • Encourage new members to attend meetings and/or involve themselves as volunteers in projects.
  • Be a positive force for good for Fayette County and its future.

Ready to join? Complete the form below and we’ll be in contact soon!